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About Benson

Benson came to live at HH quite by accident when Kristen found him outside and recognized him as a domestic rabbit who needed to be indoors. Unable to find his home, we made him one here and the rest has been history. Benson is full of playful curiosity and his sweet and friendly demeanor brings smiles to team members and clients alike. Here are some fun facts about our resident rabbit:

  • Benson is a rex rabbit, known for their friendliness, super soft fur, and curly whiskers

  • He is 8 years old, and we have had him since he was 3 months old

  • He weighs about 4lbs

  • He knows his name, and often comes when he’s called

  • He loves sweet treats like fresh fruit but can only have a little bit because his belly is really tiny

  • His coworkers often share raw spinach and other leafy greens from their lunch and he is happy to partake - sharing is caring

  • He comes to our team meetings and sits with us as part of our circle

  • He loves to make new friends and starts to remember people he sees often

Benson usually works with Kristen in sessions, but when he’s not working you can find him hanging out in his quite large home area at the edge of the second floor waiting room. He loves to get visitors :)