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At The Holistic Heart we believe that mental and emotional well-being are grounded in the ability to relate to yourself with compassionate awareness. We have designed a unique combination of experiences to guide you on your journey to increased Self-connection and help you gain the insights you need to engage with life in a fulfilling and meaningful way.



WORKSHOPS for personal and spiritual development

Attend impactful workshops & groups designed to encourage self-discovery through education, exploration, and expression. 


  • You are looking for learning focused on growth

  • You have a specific area of interest, or concern

  • You are interested in a diverse range of mind-body-spirit topics combining the physical and metaphysical



YOGA & MEDITATION to cultivate mindful presence and increase self-connection

Experience personalized private yoga sessions, or group yoga & meditation classes, designed to guide self-inquiry. 


  • You want to practice mindfulness and presence

  • You are looking for a natural way to ease your experience of stress & overwhelm, or to slow down and re-connect

  • You are ready to move the energy of past hurts and invite in an experience of engaging with life more fully



HOLISTIC COUNSELING for deeper personal inquiry & healing work

Move beyond talk therapy, and work dynamically with a skilled mental health provider to understand the source of your pain and begin healing. 


  • You are looking for personalized, 1:1 work with a mental health professional

  • You have identified patterns that no longer serve you and want to better understand yourself and your experiences

  • You have emotional needs that you would like to explore and heal


You may combine services for optimal benefits, or access them independently. Choose the starting point that feels right to you.


Not sure where to start? We're here to help!  

Schedule a call with our Intake Coordinator to determine the best fit for your needs


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