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To get you started, here is your free guided meditation for connecting with your Inner Wisdom.

You will find journaling prompts below for reflection after your journey.


Journaling prompts for deeper reflection:

  1. How do you feel after completing the meditation? (Note how you feel in your body, heart, and mind)
  2. What was the landscape of your forest like? What did you notice?
  3. What was the type of tree you were drawn to? Draw a picture or describe it in detail. Do you recognize it? What is the symbolism of this type of tree? Did you feel any specific messages or sensations from the tree you were called to?
  4. Describe your experience with your guide. What did they look and feel like? Is there symbolism associated with this type of animal, color, angel, or other type of being? What was the message you received?
  5. What gift did your guide give to you? What might the symbolism of this gift be for you?
  6. Know that all of what you connected to today was through your own instincts and intuition. Choose one intention for how you will use your intuition to guide you today in order to continue to nurture this connection (i.e. buy exactly what you want to eat, rest when you feel tired, check in with intuition when meeting new people and allow yourself to respond accordingly, walk with your bare feet on the earth, spend time observing nature and sensing your connection to it).