"Everyone was so kind and supportive!"

-Workshop attendee

“It's an experience just to be in the building”

Kristen has put so much heart and soul into this place. It's an experience to just be in the building; it feels like a truly cared for home. The clinicians are all incredibly competent, compassionate, & down to earth, and Benson the therapy bunny is kind of a local celebrity.


“A magical place.”

A magical space filled with deep wisdom, healing, and love. Deep gratitude for The Holistic Heart in the community.



"Kristen has the vision to provide space for healing and is knowledgeable in giving people tools to heal themselves."


"My therapist is the sweetest, most kind-hearted, open-minded, spiritually in-tune person I have ever met. I have worked with her for many years and through a very rough depression and she has helped me become a greater, stronger, more unforgivably me. She is incredibly heartfelt and has many tools and insights to help you to heal and care for yourself."


"It has made every difference in my life."

Working with my therapist has encouraged self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance. She truly believes in the power of authenticity which made my experience unique because I learned to reflect on my experiences, and trust myself. I learned to look within but I needed therapy to learn this, and truly it has made every difference in my life.

"[My therapist] takes my progress personally, which means a lot."

I have been seeing my therapist for over a year. She takes my progress personally, which means a lot. It is obvious that she takes her work very seriously. At the same time, she is very insightful and easy to talk to. I have seen a handful of therapists over the years, and she is by far my favorite!


"Thank you to the facilitators at Holistic Heart for this amazing retreat weekend. Self care is so important and the girls at Holistic Heart have nothing but the success of your journey in mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Workshop attendee

"[I learned] to set boundaries, take care of myself first, and not take everything so personally."

My therapist is direct and clear in her observations. She’s clear in her delivery and doesn’t dance around the obvious. I worked with her for just under a year where we explored a lot of different challenges that we discovered were self-inflicted. She help me to set boundaries, take care of myself first and not take everything so personally. She also directed me to literature that I consult on a weekly basis so I’m able to practice the things we did in therapy on my own. She’s a very real person, I could connect with her because we were close in age and had a lot of things in common. She didn’t impose practices on me, but rather suggested that I try them and see how it goes. She was caring but firm and would tell me exactly what I needed to hear and in a way so I would listen.

"I absolutely loved the self-inquiry workshop!"

"It was truly a gift"

I absolutely loved the self-inquiry workshop! It was a day and a half of relaxation and self-discovery in a beautiful and healing place. The clinicians at Holistic Heart are down to earth and caring. They created such a healing space for the entire group. Thanks again!

It was truly a gift to spend time in this beautiful and nurturing space with these loving compassionate facilitators. I feel blessed to witness such authentic engagement and have the opportunity to embrace my own needs and desires for growth.

"Kara, thank you for a relaxing and comforting yoga class; I felt amazing afterwards!"