Patterns: your link to consciousness

Patterns make up the world we live in. 

Ever heard of the Fibonacci Sequence? It's a super cool mathematical concept that is basically a series of numbers in a specific pattern (where each number in the sequence is the sum of the two numbers that precede it) and when you make squares with those widths, you get a spiral pattern that can be found throughout the natural environment - which is why it is also sometimes referred to as the "Nature Code."

You may be wondering why we are talking about math in a post about consciousness in a blog about emotional well-being (understandable), so let me explain. 

I share this example because it illustrates in a concrete, observable way, what I believe to be true: that much of what we dismiss as "random" is actually being governed by underlying "invisible" patterns. 


This is true throughout nature, and humans are no exception. "Invisible" patterns form the foundations of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. But for us (and possibly for other parts of nature as well) we can influence the patterns

I certainly do not understand everything about the meaning and nature of patterns, but I am noticing something that feels important to me, so I want to share what I believe so far, based on my experiences and inquiries up to this point. My hope is to continue to explore this concept together.

Here are two ways that I see patterns showing up for us as humans:

1. Patterns within the human "story"

Often unconscious, these patterns usually stem from early life experiences. They can be created at any age, but often as we get older our sense of self becomes more developed and we are less easily influenced by our environment. Psychologically, we know that children don't develop discernment until around age 5, meaning everything they take in prior is downloaded into their brains without a personal filter, and of course young children remain impressionable far beyond that time frame. 

One example of an unconscious behavior pattern that is limiting or injurious would be fear of abandonment resulting from the early life experience of abandonment (physical or emotional) of a child by one or both parents. This type of experience often creates a limiting belief such as "everyone will leave me," or "I am not good enough for anyone to stay." This belief subsequently contributes to a pattern of behavior.

Perhaps the person repeatedly chooses romantic partners who treat them as less than, are emotionally or physically unavailable, or cheat, further perpetuating the above noted beliefs. Perhaps they develop intensely people-pleasing behaviors in order to receive external validation that temporarily fight off feelings of not being good enough, and believe that others only "stay" as long as they bending over backward to please them, compromising their own needs significantly in order to do so.

Often patterns are mixed in the sense that some behaviors are beneficial to a certain extent. For example, an early life experience of adversity might lead an individual to develop grit and perseverance that aids them in success as they move through life. The point to look at here would be the importance of balance. It would be easy for such a person to go past a point of what is healthy for them, or to inadvertently (i.e. unconsciously) "create" difficult situations in order to continue the pattern of overcoming obstacles. 

These patterns are essential to understand because they cloud our belief of what is possible and limit our potential. When we make the unconscious conscious we can begin to release what is no longer working, which frees us up for another type of pattern..


2. Patterns as communication with a conscious universe 

This is the magic. 

Ever see the same sequence of repeating numbers (1111, 444, etc.) over and over? Keep seeing a certain animal or picture/representation of that animal? Have 3 or 4 people tell you the same thing over the course of a few hours or days? 

Ever feel like something or someone is communicating with you?

I believe the universe is. And the key to understanding the messages, and engaging in the conversation, for me comes back to patterns. I often say the universe speaks in repetition and in my experience that has been the case. Seeing or hearing something over and over begins to challenge our impulse to dismiss things as random chance, and starts to tug at our intuition.

We ask ourselves, almost instinctively - what does this mean? What's the message? And the answer comes from inside, not out. 

The more we can connect with and ponder these types of communication, the more intentionally we can live our lives and the more connected we will be to our unique gifts and our place in the whole. This gives our lives a sense of purpose and meaning, something we crave on an instinctual level. 

The take-away: 

When we make unconscious patterns conscious, we give ourselves the opportunity to choose.  

This is where influence comes in over our governing patterns. Once we become aware of how experiences have effected us, we can purposely shift to patterns that are in alignment with our essential nature. We can choose to create patterns from an internal place of intuition, rather than be subject to patterns placed upon us by the external beliefs and actions of others. 

We move from default reactivity to conscious creation.

And THIS is our essential nature. Conscious creators of our own lives, dreamers of a beautiful dream. 

It is time to step forward into our full potential.