Wild at Heart

Boy this life is a journey. 

If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that last week I was wrestling with some emotional discomfort around feeling intrinsically different from others, and trying to understand more about myself and where I "fit" in this world - with the distinct underlying fear that the answer is that I do not. 

I had been feeling painfully aware of certain societal norms and expectations, industry standards, and even business best-practices that all just felt so glaringly not me. I either struggled to "fit" and ended up feeling untrue to myself, or I followed my instincts and felt shameful about my inability to deliver what I perceived others as expecting from me. 

I was filled with uncertainty (not my favorite) and felt a visceral longing to belong. I was filled with questions and no one seemed to have the answers...

So I turned inward.

This is the gift of emotional discomfort - it invites us to explore a part of ourselves that needs attention, and in this exploration we can begin to understand ourselves more fully.

Photo: This is actually me at Kripalu last winter, but remains a very accurate representation of what introspection looks like for me.

Photo: This is actually me at Kripalu last winter, but remains a very accurate representation of what introspection looks like for me.

For me, going inward looked like a combination of stillness, journaling, learning and reflecting - and Nature... I always feel clearer outdoors.

I spent quiet time in silent and guided meditations 

I asked questions of myself and got quiet enough to listen for the answers

I explored books, lectures, and podcasts that I felt intuitively drawn to

and I reflected on and journaled about messages and patterns that seemed to be emerging in my life.  

It sounds sort of luxurious as I type it out, but please don't misunderstand - this internal exploration was far from comfortable and sitting quietly, leaning into a terrifying fear that I am fundamentally flawed was not the blissful relaxation experience most people associate with meditation.

But it was my practice, it was me honoring my own Truth, and it was profoundly meaningful.

In my inquiries I began connecting my love of depth, symbolism, meaning, psychology and spirituality. I found myself drawn to learn more about the Wild Woman Archetype, and something clicked.


The Wild Woman is quintessentially 'different.'  

Her "story" is one of non-conformity. She is the embodiment of passion and creativity. She relies on her instincts and intuition. She belongs to herself.

The Wild Woman urges us to return to our inner knowing, to honor our creativity and to celebrate our unique self-expression.

Every individual has a gift, and the Wild Woman demands that we connect with and share it. She knows that when each individual is true to themselves, they add something crucial to the collective. 

It is our responsibility to stand in our Truth and to bring forth that which is unique to us. 

I realized we are all different, and that is what connects us. The expression of individuality, and the resulting diversity of ideas, talents and gifts is what will bring balance to the whole.

I think we all have a Wild Woman inside, beckoning to us to remember.

Remember our nature. Remember our power. Remember that we are wild at heart.

May we feel her fiery passion run through our veins... 

May we unleash her creative potential... 

May we hear her roar.

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