Spirituality's Place in Emotional Healing

What have we forgotten?

I think about this a lot.

I consider myself a seeker. Curious by nature, led to spiritual practices through my life experiences and to spiritual texts through my love of books and the written word. Ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings seem to know something that I feel like we, collectively, have forgotten. They speak of True Nature, Buddha Nature, Atman, Soul, Self... a core essence that is inside each of us.

But what IS that essence? In the Western attachment to what is observable and measurable, it seems we have misplaced the importance of this internal source of comfort and acceptance. Perhaps this is because we do not see it.

We feel it.

We know it.

And those senses are not particularly valued in Western culture. 

While I have deep appreciation for the contributions of Western medicine and science, I fear we have gone astray. Rather than using what we've learned from a Western perspective in more recent times to enhance the Wisdom of ancient cultures, and of our own internal knowing, we have instead attempted to replace and discredit that which does not neatly fit into a box with a clear label.

But what if in doing so we have thrown away the very key to unlocking the vastness of our potential, our ability to heal, and the experience of our Wholeness? 

I believe we have. 

Experiencing our Spirituality/ Soul/ Self, is at the center of emotional healing. It is our internal source of Wisdom and just as the body will heal itself when injured, so the Soul knows what we need to heal our emotional injuries. The problem is, we have stopped listening. We have sought external resolution to internal injuries, and as a result we are settling for lives less fully lived. 


So, what can you do?

Practice stillness. Connect with your Soul. Create the space and intention to experience yourself in a new way.

Let's do it together.

Set a timer for 2 minutes, place it to the side, and forget about it until you hear it chime. 

Close your eyes, and turn your attention inward to your thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Allow your breath to deepen, drop your shoulders down away from your ears, and relax your face and jaw.

Place your hands gently over your heart, and send your breath and awareness to the space beneath your palms, feeling your chest expand on the inhale, and soften with your exhale. 

Notice. Observe. Listen. Remember.

Rest into a place of receptivity rather than action. There is nothing to do, there is only being.

If thoughts or feelings arise, observe them with compassion and curiosity. Explore your internal landscape with the inquisitive nature of a child.

And when your timer goes off, bring yourself gently back. Try not to judge your experience, and choose a time to come back and visit again soon. 

Let me tell you a secret: this is where the healing happens.

Your Wisdom is within, visit often.

From my Heart to yours,

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p.s. Just a small update on timing: I apologize for the extended time since my last entry in January. You can expect a new post monthly, on the first Thursday of the month.

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