Emotions and The Universe

I am an innately curious person. I spend much of my time pondering the role of emotion in the nature of human beings - the incredible impact that the quality of our thoughts and emotions have on our overall sense of wellbeing, why that is, and how individuals can turn these experiences into something that serves them. I'm also fascinated by theories about the nature of the Universe - how it works, what invisible forces we do not yet understand, the potential of a quantum field, and the untapped potential of human beings overall.

My most intense curiosity, however, is in how these two areas fit together, because I believe they are fundamentally connected.

You are the Universe experiencing itself.
— Alan Watts

By no means do I claim to have definitive answers, but I am enamored with the inquiry, and I do have some thoughts based on what research and experience have taught me so far.

I believe that we are on the cusp of a new understanding of the way things work.

I believe that we are an expression of the Universe, and as such can better understand the nature of 'how things work' by increasing our self-understanding.

I believe that emotions are a powerful tool to be utilized in cultivating that understanding.

And I believe that this is somehow connected to the experiences of our hearts. 


In his work on neuroscience and the quantum field, Dr. Joe Dispenza references emotions as the end result of an experience. As such, he affirms that when experiencing an emotion we are effectively in the past (the memory of whatever preceded that emotion), and as a result are unable to consciously create a different future for ourselves from that mental/emotional space.

Einstein said it a bit differently...


We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
— Albert Einstein

but the concept is the same.

Human beings are in many ways creatures of habit. We base our expectations for the future on what we have experienced in the past. But in so doing, we dramatically limit ourselves to only what we have known, which is often no longer what we wish to experience.

In fact, much of what we expect for ourselves is so deeply ingrained that it becomes unconscious - with automatic, habituated behavior patterns as a result (more on this in future posts). 

And the biggest indicator of where our thoughts are, and what we are consciously or unconsciously creating, are our emotions.

Our emotions, when attended to with awareness, can make the unconscious conscious, and create the opportunity choose differently.

I'm so excited to continue to explore this topic with you!

I encourage you to notice your emotions and experiences this week. Invite yourself to choose differently where desired, and have a beautiful, conscious, week :)


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