It's Time.

It's time...

for change. 

for taking your life back.

to question conventional wisdom.

to challenge the status quo.

to get big in a world that asks you to be small.

to step into your truth.

to realize your fullest potential.

to connect with your purpose.

to stand in your power.

to come together.

to know yourself so that you can know others. 

It's time for a shift at a foundational level... and it starts with you. 

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So what does this have to do with mental health? Everything. When your thoughts, feelings, and actions are out of alignment with your true nature, this disconnection plays out on the inner landscape of your psyche. Uncomfortable sensations such as anxiety, depression, stress, and anger are neon flashing signs calling out to you "wrong way! you're off the path!" Your emotions are an internal guidance system, pointing you back home. 

You must learn to listen.

You must heed the call and return to yourself. 

And you must be firm in your stance - because we do not currently exist in a culture that honors emotional experience or encourages self-inquiry. It is a true act of rebellion to show up for yourself with a desire to understand and integrate rather than avoid and distract.

I implore you.... do it anyway. It is the most important work you will ever do.

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You have been given the heart of a warrior, and make no mistake - the quest is inward. 

The outside world presents everyone with challenges. When you start to examine and familiarize yourself with the landscape within you begin to realize the power inherent in how you choose to be inside with what seems to be presenting outside. The world around you will transform when the lens you look through is aligned with your true nature.

Doing so begins with cultivating a practice of honest self-inquiry and learning to tolerate and integrate what you find. Are you ready to step into this empowered place of alignment with your Self? 

This is my intention for this blog: to create a community, to start a conversation, to practice self-inquiry - together.

Are you in? 


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From my Heart to yours,

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