Embracing Your Nature

Building on your insights from the prompts in our last post (if you haven't done them, you can find them here), you will likely begin to see some patterns emerge. Let's take a closer look at those patterns...

  • What did remembering yourself as a child bring up for you?
  • What are some words you would use to describe yourself as a child? an adolescent? an adult? 
  • What has remained consistent?
  • How have you seen yourself evolve?

Embody a curious, exploratory attitude for this exercise, and please know when reflecting on this that no detail is too small, and seemingly unimportant information can hold profound meaning. 

What do you notice about you?

Are you drawn to trees? To the ocean? Do you thrive on solving puzzles? Do you connect easily with animals? Or plants? Are you a storyteller? Do you seek knowledge? 

Take some time to be fully present with this inquiry, and what meaning your observations may hold for you on a deeper level. It can sometimes be helpful to ask trusted others what stands out about you, since at times we can be blind to much of our own value. Reflect on your ideas in a journal if that is helpful. 


By examining patterns and consistencies, you start to get a glimpse of your Nature. It is not right or wrong, good or bad, it simply is.

All living things have a Nature, and understanding yours is crucial to your spiritual and emotional wellbeing and alignment.

All living things, based on their Nature, have environments in which they struggle and others in which they thrive. This is not judgement, or perception, it is simple truth.

For example, a plant that thrives in full sun will die in a dark indoor room. This is not due to either the plant (living being) or the dark room (conditions) being "bad," or "wrong," it is simply a mismatch of conditions in which the living thing will flourish, because of its Nature. 

We understand this easily enough. So why do we treat ourselves, human beings, as the exception?

Why do we expect that we can thrive in all conditions, and chastise ourselves when we inevitably fail to do so?


When you do not honor your Nature, you suffer.

Trying to make yourself fit where you do not naturally can result in ongoing self-doubts, self-loathing, low self-esteem, feeling misunderstood, and pervasive sadness. Stepping into alignment with your Nature - and accommodating it rather than attempting to shave it down in order to fit some pre-determined box - is freedom. 

We are hurting ourselves with our unrealistic expectations and failure to meet them. Worst of all, we fail to fully know the beauty of our natural being when we do not recognize our unique gifts and bring them forth into the world.

You must not ask yourself to be other than you are. 

Your Nature provides insight into your Purpose. And THAT is where the real fun begins :)

Until next week... lots of love,

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Your story

Who are you, really?

.... we'll come back to that a little more closely in some later posts. For now, let's begin our series of self-inquiry by starting with a story. Your story.

Ancient cultures have long understood the importance of storytelling. Humans use stories to explain, to make meaning, and to teach lessons. We even create stories about ourselves, which makes sense when you consider we are each the main character in our own life experience.

Do you have a story about who you are? What are the components of that story? Are they what you want them to be? Do you know that you can change them, if you want to?

Most people's stories include pieces of past experiences - both 'good' and 'bad' - that impact your beliefs about yourself and others. Ultimately, these "pieces" from the past can (and do) influence your feeling states and your behavior, most of the time completely unconsciously. It is necessary to make these patterns conscious so that you can determine with intention what you would like to continue choosing for yourself. This is part of stepping into your power. 

Before you start, let's center. You'll need a notebook or journal handy.


Close your eyes or soften your gaze downward, and begin to turn your attention inward. 

Feel your feet, or sits bones planted firmly on the earth beneath you. Reach the crown of your head up toward the sky, nice long straight spine, and roll your shoulders gently back and down, away from the ears.

Bring your hands to your heart.

Breathe deeply and slowly in through your nose....

..... and then slowly exhale fully, emptying your lungs completely....

and again, inhale.................. exhale.............. simply watching, letting your attention land softly on the breath as it moves through your body....

.....one more time........ inhale..................... and exhale. Beautiful. 

Go ahead and gently bring yourself back by opening your eyes and turning your attention back to these words. From this space, grab your notebook or journal, and take a few moments to reflect on the following prompts. You may choose to write, sketch, or simply ponder your reflections. Do whatever works best for you.

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • As a child, what did you love to do?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Draw or describe your younger self - what do you remember?
  • Are these things still true about you?
  • Is there anything that you miss?
  • Is there anything that you wish you could let go of?
  • List 5 memories that stand out to you from your life so far, and take some time reflecting on each one. What do you remember? Why does it feel important?

You're starting a dialogue with the most important person you'll ever get to know. Take the time to really be with yourself around this, and try to meet your answers with compassion and without judgement. Take as much time as you need, and know that you can always put this down and come back to it. But come back to it. 

By shining the light of awareness on pieces of your story, you are beginning the important process of increasing your self-understanding and knowing yourself more fully.  These are necessary foundations to lay on the path of growth. I commend you on your courage and curiosity, and I can't wait to see you next week.

From my Heart to yours,

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