Yoga & Meditation Class Descriptions


Yoga for Trauma: Taught by a licensed mental health provider & certified yoga instructor, this class places intentional consideration on the needs of individuals who have experienced trauma. Class size will be extremely small (7 students maximum) in order to ensure plenty of personal space, with mindful cuing, no hands on assists of any kind, and intentional space-setting and posture facilitation. *Due to limited class size pre-registration is required for this class.

Yoga for Anxiety: This class encourages a sense of grounding and releasing through slow, mindful movement, breath work, and emphasis on present-moment awareness.

Yoga for Depressed Mood, with Reiki: Taught with an emphasis on self-connection, and working with our energy through releasing and lightening as we move through the practice. Participants will receive reiki (energy work) during final relaxation from instructor at the front of the room. Individuals are more than welcome to opt out of this offering if they prefer.

Stretch & Breathe: A centered start to the weekend, this gentle class guides you softly into awakening to start your day with meaning and intention.

Monthly Guided Meditation: Relax the physical body and journey deep into your consciousness to connect with your intuition, inner wisdom, and deeper sense of knowing. Bring any props that will make you feel most comfortable, or set yourself up with some of ours. Practice can be done seated or lying down.*cash donation