Yoga & Meditation Class Descriptions


*Due to limited class size pre-registration is required for all classes.

Yoga for Beginners: A great class for anyone new to yoga and looking to explore the foundations of the practice through accessible movement and educational facilitation.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression: This class supports emotional balance through grounding, releasing, mindful movement, breath work, and emphasis on present-moment awareness.

Restorative Yoga: Practice the art of stillness and active surrender as you move through a gentle sequence supported by props to encourage full release into each pose and complete relaxation of the physical body. Each posture is practiced for several minutes, allowing time for deepening, integration, and restoration.

Yoga for Loss: This class is led by a Certified Grief Yoga Teacher and blends movement, breath, and sound to release pain and reconnect to love and joy. Each class is compromised of four components including awareness, expression, connection, and surrender. Emotional experiences are encouraged and welcomed as part of the healing process. This class isn't so much about physical flexibility as it is emotional liberation.

Stretch & Breathe: A centered start to the weekend, this gentle class guides you softly into awakening to start your day with meaning and intention.

Monthly Yoga Nidra Meditation: Experience deep rest and self-inquiry. Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a state of consciousness between waking and sleep where the body is completely relaxed and the attention is guided to the experience of Being. Participants are encouraged to come into a comfortable position either seated or laying down, supported by props as desired, and are guided through meditation into a state of deep relaxation and restoration. Includes self-reflection exercises, please bring a journal.

Yoga for Trauma: Personalized private sessions available by appointment and taught with special consideration of individual needs by a licensed mental health provider & certified yoga teacher. Yoga for trauma works with gentle movement designed to promote re-connection with a sense of embodiment and emphasizes choice and self-compassion.